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Tibaz Productions produces effective TV Commercials at affordable prices for local businesses looking for professional local productions. 

The production of TV Commercials is profitable because the demand for affordable, professional and effective TV commercial production is increasing with increase in number of TV Broadcast outlets and the switch to digital TV.  

Opportunities lie in the increase in viewership numbers and the increase in digital distribution outlets. The growth opportunities lie in  the increase in distribution channels and use of mobile digital technology in Tanzania and Africa. Local Production companies need to keep up with the demand for quality, relevant media content. Manufacturers need to keep up with demand for TV Commercial production and 


TV Commercials use video and moving images to convey a message to market your product or service and demonstrate to your target audience how it works. They give you the best chance to reach a large audience. Tibaz media content is guaranteed to attract viewership and increase viewer ratings. TV Commercials allow you to promote a wide variety of goods, services and ideas, and target certain audiences of the population such as race, income level and gender.

Tibaz Develops, Pre Produces, Produces and Post Produces media content for both local and international audiences in different languages, and highlights Tanzania as an attractive and supportive place for productions. Our TV Commercials feature songs, melodies, jingles and slogans designed to be striking and memorable. Sometimes we take lyrics to a popular song and change them to create a theme song for a product or service. Our Commercials remain in the minds of television viewers long after the span of your ad campaign. Our Commercials contain catch phrases that take on lives of their own.  They also use humor to empower advertising persuasion, with animation being used to give the commercial a longer life. We also combine animation with real Actors, and use the element of surprise to trick viewers.

At Tibaz we are able to research topics, create concepts and write scripts for media content.  We are also able to choose actors, crew members and locations, record on location or in studio, and later select recorded material and assemble media content ready for distribution. Our TV Commercials strike chords with viewers, and have entertainment value beyond the basic message.

We create and produce TV Commercials and provide product placement or advertising in TV Shows for products and services for individuals, businesses and organizations.

The benefits you will receive through a partnership with Tibaz through the production of TV Commecials include:

1.Reach very large audiences,
2. Attract attention, generate awareness and establish preference for your products and services. 
3. Target your market segments with a wide range of programming options where your advert is most likely to be viewed by your specific target audience. Our TV Commercials also 
4. Enjoy a multi storey appeal, appealing  to multiple senses through a combination of text, images, sound and motion.

Tibaz relies on talent and well known media franchises to raise the value of its media project and draw out larger audiences. Our TV Commercials are different because they are of high quality with high values, using the latest in special effects technology, the most popular personalities and the best music. They are like miniature 30 second movies, scripted and directed by professional film directors, and follow regulations and restrictions on certain products, content, and claims and minimum technical standards. 

Our Clients include:

B&b margarine
Black berries enterprises Ltd
Blue lady lotion
Care international
Chai halisi
Crdb bank
E9 hydrating ltion
Family Lather Soap
Guardian Limited
IPP Media
Jambo Lotion
John Hopkins University
Kibo Breweries
Lowe Scanad
Miss Kilimanjaro 2001
Murzah Oils
Paradise City Hotel
Paradise holiday resort
Said Salim Bakhresa & Co. Ltd
Standard Charterd Bank
Tanica Coffee
Tanzania Postal Bank
Ultimate Security
Vita Foam
Zk mcann